5 habits every Software Tester should develop in 2018

5 habits every Software tester should develop in 2018

In Today’s ever changing and evolving testing diaspora, one cannot stay with one technology or skill. We all have to keep learning new skills and improvising our axe.
According to Jerry (Gerald) Weinberg, a renowned computer scientist and testing expert,

“If you are not learning something new each day, you are not testing”


Well, this statement holds true especially when the technology is advancing rapidly while accelerated development and continuous deployments are getting more complex, making testing a critical activity. This demands more deliberation on the part of testers to do the job right and first time right.

Hence, learning new skills and advancing in the technical skills becomes inevitable to keep up with the trends and avoid becoming obsolete. In that, every tester needs to be able to do a variety of things such as probing into requirements, asking more questions, comprehending product information, communicating with the clients, etc. to remain competitive and relevant.
Moreover, New Trend viz. ShiftLeft, Continuous Integration and development requires testers to stay on the edge and work in sync with development teams
So, given the importance Staying on the edge to testing profession, here are the top 5 skills and habits every Software test should develop in 2018

Problem solving and Programming:

Problem Solving and Programming
Problem Solving and Programming

Critical thinking requires two unmistakable kinds of mental aptitude, investigative and inventive. Scientific or sensible reasoning incorporates aptitudes, for example, requesting, looking at, differentiating, assessing and choosing. It gives a sensible system to critical thinking and chooses the best option from those accessible by narrowing down the scope of potential outcomes (a united procedure).. Expository reasoning regularly prevails in taking care of shut issues, where the numerous conceivable causes must be distinguished and examined to locate the genuine reason.
When we discuss programming, it isn’t that analyzers need to work like an engineer, yet it is vital to comprehend the back to front of the application with the goal that it turns out to be anything but difficult to understand its working and make tests likewise. Programming learning helps in distinguishing conceivable blunders in the application code which additionally diminishes the odds of bugs and application wasteful aspects. It is prudent to learn no less than two programming dialects since there are brighter possibilities for analyzers to comprehend the workarounds of the application for guaranteeing better application quality lifecycle.


Software Test Automation UFT, LeanFT, Selenium
Software Test Automation UFT, LeanFT, Selenium

Learn a tool, soon I will be publishing tutorials for UFT, LeanFT, and Selenium: With the expanding complexities and mixes in the application, depending on manual testing alone can’t take care of business. For testing program similarity, execution, headless and additionally database and coordination layers, analyzers ought to learn computerization aptitudes since it gives higher exactness on account of the business rationale and details it can serve. Moreover, there are a few test computerization instruments that dedicatedly bolster particular testing write and accompany highlights to complete the undertakings rapidly and productively.

Excel – Dashboard, VBA, utilities we can make using Excel:

Excel VBA Macros
Excel VBA Macros

For any Manual testing person Excel is the best tool or we can say first step towards automation. For Excel automation you do not need any extra setup or tool. You can automate/develop various utilities and tools which will make your day-to-day tasks smooth and reduce redundant tasks. That way you can make base for automation and very smoothly move into UFT automation arena as UFT uses Vbscript as base. We have created this VBscript training program to take you into automation world.

Dev Ops & Agile Methodology:

Devops and Agile
Devops and Agile

With the squeezing interest to meet conveyance due dates, analyzers need to learn Agile and DevOps procedure because of the reality it advances community and iterative working models. While agile technique bestows speed to the test venture, DevOps assists with cross-useful cooperation ideal from the improvement, examination, and QA which yields brilliant final result at a quicker time-to-advertise. Also, taking in these philosophies expels the part inflexibility and storehouses, enabling groups to give careful consideration to stage astute advancement and constant discharges.

Communication – Oral and Written:

Oral and Written Communication
Oral and Written Communication


Every tester should also possess good communication skills. By good communication, we imply that they ought to be a decent writer, speaker, audience and pursuer to discuss viably with partners, for example, refresh the status of the task to the customers, educate about necessities to the group, convey issues to the designers, and make an interpretation of prerequisite records to test cases and plan reports for administration. Aside from this, great correspondence helps in showing a high level of appreciation which additionally helps in passing on bits of knowledge and offering criticism to both specialized and non-specialized individuals intelligently and normally.
There are several other skills, however I feel these you focus then others will follow, I would give more emphasis on Communication and Problem solving skills as once you have these two with right attitude you can learn almost anything.

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