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Thanks for visiting my website, I am Subhash and I am working in Test Automation Field from past 10 years and I have extensive Experience in Test Automation Development and I have worked mainly with HP QTP tool along with HP Quality Center. I have worked on several other tools like TestPartner and Now involved in Selenium framework development.

From last few years, I was thinking to create a blog or website where I can share my experience and the challenges I faced and the solutions that I developed. I have seen many people don’t find right solution at right time and there are several websites with lots of data. I thought to create a dedicate website for just QTP, Selenium and Test Automation with all the tools which I created with VBA, VBScript and other windows scripts. These tools or utilities will make life easier of a Test Automation Engineer who search several websites to get a simple piece of code and spend many hours while delivery is round the corner.

I’ve just started and Planning to share all my knowledge on daily and weekly basis. Please let me know if anyone has any specific problem related to Test Automation then you can contact me via Contact us Page or just drop and email to sendmecodeinfo (at) gmail (dot) com.


Thank you


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