XML Automation Using UFT

In my previous projects few years back, there was one requirement to read and validate given XML file., as manual team was validating tags one bye one and it took them a while to validate all given XML files (every release there were more than 10 XML files to be validated before go-live)

Now in this given scenario, automation would be very helpful and we thought to automate XMLs using HP UFT. Below are the validations to be done

  • Verify and Count Orders in One XML
  • Verify field value with given business rule (variable, integer, alphanumeric, specific format, length)
  • Validate few mandatory tags in XML – These tags should always be present with given expected values

Here it was capital markets application so in one XMl there were 950 orders included and each order has tags for e.g. Account Number, Account Name,Amount,Script Code, Script Name, Date, etc.

We all know we can very well automate XML using XMLDOM but here in this unique scenario I have to validate so many things plus I have to think how I can achieve ROI

I am working on solution without impacting IPR.. I will work on it over the weekend and update here





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